Spend A Wonderful Weekend With Your Child In Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is located in Guangdong Province, China. It is the biggest marine theme park in the world, with eight theme parks in total. It has the rarest marine animals, top-level amusement equipment and novel large-scale performances. Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom has set seven records in a row and won the "Outstanding Achievement Award of Theme Park" issued by the Global Themed Entertainment Association TEA in 2014, which is the first time that a Chinese theme park has won this "Oscar" award in the industry. In 2017 and 2018, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom won the TEA Awards successively with "5D Castle Cinema "and" Ocean Night Float Parade ".

Ocean Kingdom has eight theme parks: breathtaking rain forest flying; Marine wonders with the world's top entertainment viewing; Fun world for children and family play; the Bay of Dolphins, a dolphin-watching area; polar exploration based on ice and snow design; Haixiang Mountain with the theme of water; Performance-oriented Hengqin Sea; sightseeing, shopping and leisure - based ocean street to welcome tourists. Eight different themes bring eight different stories, so that visitors are immersed in the ocean world and enjoy the different wonderful Marine animals.

Entering the aquarium is like being in a magical undersea world. In the arc-shaped underwater corridor, visitors can see thousands of rare fish swimming around. The colorful circular dome reflects beautiful light, bringing a very unique sightseeing experience. The aquarium houses up to 15,000 exotic fish of different species. The most striking thing is the world's largest acrylic glass installed in the museum, which is 39.6 meters long, 8.3 meters high and 0.65 meters thick. It is seamlessly connected through world-leading technology and has a spectacular vision. Visitors can get up close and personal with manta rays, which are up to 4 meters in diameter, from different angles. 

If your child like smart dolphins, be sure to visit The Cove! At this dolphin base camp, bottlenose dolphins, spotted dolphins and other family members are waiting to interact with you! You can also go to the "Dolphin Theatre" and see the wonderful performances brought by the dolphins and their keepers! "Dolphin Island" allows you to get up close and personal with dolphins, where you can stand in front of giant floor-to-ceiling glass to capture their playful side.

Hengqin Sea is the whole area around the Central Lake, the most leisure and romantic area in the whole Ocean Kingdom. Walking around the central lake, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and have a rest by the lake if you and your kids are tired. You can also enjoy the delicious food with family and friends in different flavor restaurants and chat together. Central lakeside is also the best place to enjoy the float parade and colorful float parade route is around the lakeside. It’s also the best viewing point for the wonderful fireworks show at night.

Ocean Street is mainly for sightseeing, shopping and leisure. When walking on the street, you can look up and watch the huge LED canopy. Sometimes, colorful Marine animals swim overhead. Sometimes, the sky makes you feel like you're at the bottom of the sea. On both sides of the street, there are vivid models of Mao dolls and toy videos. No matter you’ve just entered the Ocean Kingdom, or are ready to leave with a reluctant mood, it can always bring you the initial surprise and harvest a very unforgettable memory.

If you're wondering where to take the kids this weekend, then The Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is just your best choice!

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