Bali Island “The Island of heaven”

Bali is a famous tourist attraction in Indonesia and a world-famous surfing resort.Most of Bali is mountainous, and the whole island is crisscross with mountains, high in the East and low in the West. The highest peak on the island is Argonne volcano, which is 3142 meters above sea level. Bali is the only Hindu region in Indonesia. 80% believe in Hinduism. The main languages here are Indonesian and English.It is a good choice to go to Bali Island during your summer vacation.The followings are some scenic spots that you should visit in Bali Island.

1.Tanah Lot.

It is one of the most important seaside temples in Bali Island, built in the sixteenth Century.The temple is located on a huge rock by the sea. The temple is surrounded by the sea everytime the tide rises,and at that time the entire temple is isolated from the land and stands alone in the sea. It is only connected to the land when the tide falls.

2.Pura Tirta Empul.

Pura Tirta Empul is located in the Tampak Siring to the north of Ubud. It is one of the famous temples on the island of thousand temples. The temple is built around a holy spring.Over the past one thousand years, the people of Bali Island believed that this temple and the two places for bathing could supply and demand health and wealth. The spring water in the temple comes out of the pool, and most of the residents on the island would invite the holy water home for worship. There is also a spring bath here.

3.Ubud Palace.

The Imperial Palace is located in the Adams City, which has always been the focus of art in Bali Island. It was built in the sixteenth Century, and was designed by famous artists. There are a total of 60 rooms, and the entire palace is magnificent, especially the gate. The exquisite handmade carving and noble decoration in the palace attracts many art lovers every year. Moreover, at half past seven in the afternoon, many art lovers comes to the palace.There are also many wonderful traditional dance performances with local characteristics of Bali Island, such as the welcome dance and masquerade dance.

4.Uluwatu cliff.

The Uluwatu cliff is located in the southernmost part of Bali Island.There is a sad and beautiful love tragedy behind it.It was said that there was a local young man and a woman who didn't have a good relationship. The woman's father was the village head, so their love couldn't get any blessing. In despair, they two threw themselves into the sea to commit suicide.It added to the strangeness of peace.Here,you can enjoy the afternoon tea and the local desserts.There are many monkeys here,so tourists who wear glasses and watches need to be careful.


5.Jimbaran Beach.

It is the most cordial beach in the whole Bali Island.It turned out to be a fishing village, where the purest villagers lived.Since the beautiful restaurant was covered, it immediately attracted a large number of tourists who liked nature. Jimbaran beach was famous for its sunset on the sea.What's more, these business behaviors didn't destroy the original appearance of the fishing village. Instead, the villagers made the whole beach very approachable with their unique enthusiasm and simplicity.There are many hotels and restaurants on the beach.In the evening, you can watch the sunset, listen to the singers singing songs of various countries, and enjoy candlelight dinner and seafood barbecue. It is very interesting.

6.Kuta Beach.

It is known as the most beautiful coast in Bali Island. The beach here is flat, white and exquisite. It is a paradise for surfing and skateboard.There is a lively commercial street near here. All kinds of traditional handcraft works of Bali, gorgeous minority clothes are displayed, and there are also large department stores to buy all kinds of goods.It was a good place for surfing and is favored by the young people who are seeking excitement.

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